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  • Where do I pick up my registration?
    Registration will be at the bottom of the blue chairlift on the bunny hill, Peter Rabit.
  • Where do I park?
    You can park at in the main parking lot in front of the ski lodge. If the lodge lot is full you will be directed to the lower lot by a volunteer.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear running attire and shoes that you don't mind getting wet. There will be a rinse station to clear grass and debris off of you. There will also be changing areas available so if you'd like to bring a change of dry clothes to change into, go for it!
  • Can I run barefoot?
    We reccomend wearing shoes. You will be running on a variety of suraces like packed dirt, woodchips and gravel.
  • Do I have to go down the slip n' slides?
    No, there will be a bypass lane next to the slides but you must walk the section and it will be monitored.
  • Can I bring food and beer to the event?
    No, we will have plenty of food and beer available inside the event area. We will have a free water station available for athletes and spectators.
  • Can my child or teamate sit on my lap going down the slide?
    No, ride the slide as an individual. If someone does not want to go down the slide alone, we reccomend they take the slip n' slide bypass lane.
  • If I can't make the event or want to cancel my registration can I get a refund?
    No, all money earned at Hoof n' Sloshin will be donated to Mt. Holiday to help support the Skiership fund to help provide kids with equipment, lift ticket and rentals, and snowmaking / general hill projects.
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